Job Title : Laboratory Technician.
Number of Positions : 1 each
Place of Posting : The Leprosy Mission Hospital,
P. O. Tiyagadurg
V. R. P. District – 606206
Tamil Nadu
The Leprosy Mission Bethesda Hospital
P. O. Champa
Janjgir District – 495 671

The Leprosy Mission Trust India (TLMTI) is a 143 year old organization committed to the cause of serving persons with leprosy and the disadvantaged. In India TLMTI provides healthcare and allied community services across the country through its 14 community hospitals, several field projects and 6 vocational training centers.

Duties & Responsibilities:
1. Take the smears of all village patients and when necessary the hospital patients and stain and read them and hand over the results to the concern staffs.

2. Maintain all equipment under his care.

3. Indent for all the stains and laboratory chemicals through the Medical Officer in-charge.

4. Maintain proper records regarding the work done in the laboratory and in the field.

Additional responsibilities are:

1. Conduct routine bacteriological, chemical and pathological tests pertaining to clinical side of all in and out patients of the hospital as required by the Doctor.

2. Carry out specialized tests required in the hospital when facilities are provided.

3. He will be on call for duty out of hours.

4. When there is no Smear Technician for the Control program, he will also help in the village work.

5. Teach laboratory trainees and other trainees.

6. Washing, cleaning and sterilization of the glassure and equipments.


• Degree / Diploma Lab Tech.


• 2-5 years Experience as Lab Technician

Compensation: Best in Development Sector.

Interested candidates can apply through:

Last date for applying: 16th June, 2017.


Job Title : Medical Officer
Reporting to : Superintendent
Number of Positions : 5
Place of Posting : Where requirement.

The Leprosy Mission Trust India (TLMTI) is a 142 year old organization committed to the cause of serving persons with leprosy and the disadvantaged. In India TLMTI provides healthcare and allied community services across the country through its 14 community hospitals, several field projects and 6 vocational education centers.

Qualifications: MBBS, MS, MD and registered with MCI/State Medical Council
Career growth is planned through sponsorship for higher studies, exposure to multiple areas of patient care and in-service professional training.

Skill requirement: OPD, In Patients Management, Computers.

Compensation: Best in Development Sector.

Those interested to serve the Mission may apply to:
For further clarification you may contact Mr. Garlend Nathaniel (Sr. Manager – HR) at
011 – 43533300

Position : Medical Superintendent
Place: Any Hospital

About The Leprosy Mission Trust India:
The Leprosy Mission is an international development organization working since 1874 for the holistic needs of leprosy affected and other marginalized communities. In India, The Leprosy Mission Trust India works in healthcare, vocational training, advocacy, community empowerment, capacity building, etc., through its own institutions/training centers/projects and partnerships with Central / State Governments, national/international NGOs, Community Based Organizations, WHO, DFID, Corporates and others.

Role of Superintendent:

The Superintendent is responsible to The Director, The Leprosy Mission Trust India, through the Head: Health Programmes and the Deputy Director: Programmes. Key role is:

To provide leadership, organization and direction for the hospital, in keeping with the relevance of the hospital to the community and in particular to people affected by leprosy, and in keeping with the vision and objectives of The Leprosy Mission Trust India

To be responsible for the sustenance of the services provided by the hospital towards these ends.

Essential / Key Responsibilities:
The Superintendent shall be duly responsible for the overall medical, administrative, financial and spiritual affairs of the Hospital.

A. With respect to administration, management and discipline:

1. Shall be authorized by Director to appoint new staff below the level of Business office Head for his/her centre for the sanctioned cadre and maintain disciplinary authority over them, in accordance with the service rules and regulations of The Leprosy Mission Trust India.

2. Shall be responsible for the overall implementation of the Country Strategy and serve as implementer of all aspects of the medical, financial, social and spiritual work carried on.

3. Will be responsible for the overall Administrative, Financial, Medical Superintendent ship and overall spiritual activities of the centre.

B. With respect to Finance:

1. Shall be the controller of all funds provided by The Leprosy Mission Trust India and all grants from Government or other receipts from donors, patients and others and shall be responsible for the operation of the work carried out in his centre and to see that all financial transactions are carried out according to the Missions policies and Accounting Procedure.

2. Shall be responsible for the preparation of annual budget implementation of the approved budget.

3. Shall be responsible for the Income tax deductions and payments to the Income Tax Office for all staff members on his pay roll, liable for such payments.

C. With respect to Property (Movable)/Immovable):

1. Shall be custodian on behalf of The Leprosy Mission Trust India for all moveable and immovable properties; the payment of all taxes and assessments levied by the Government or Municipality or local authority.

2. Shall be custodian of all official documents and papers covering moveable or immovable properties unless, otherwise directed by the Director.

3. Shall be the normal legal representative of The Leprosy Mission Trust India in matters pertaining to the administrative aspects of his centre, in consultation with the Director.

D. With respect to Patient-care and Treatment

1. Shall be responsible to see that both out and in-patients are attended to properly and efficiently by the respective medical, nursing and general staff by providing necessary service facilities. In this he shall accept the counsel of his / her superiors as far as finance and mission policy will allow.

2. Will ensure that adequate and wholesome diet is distributed.

E. With respect to Spiritual leadership:

1. Shall encourage by respect and example, regular participation in wholesome spiritual activities of hospital chapel services / Sunday services / Bible study and prayer meetings.

2. Shall be responsible to cultivate a sense of good stewardship amongst staff in their relation to their work (time, talents and gifts).

3. Shall be responsible to maintain spirit of openness and frankness, which will always assure the staff of the willingness to hear their problems and which will encourage understanding and goodwill between staff and various departments of his centre.

F. Legal

1. Unless and otherwise specified, he shall be the official and legal representative of the mission at the centre, and be responsible to implement the provisions of the acts of the central and state government, unless and until exemption is granted in writing. He shall exercise measures not to violate the provisions of acts of the government orders.

2. Shall ensure to pay all the taxes, whatsoever on time, as per rules, and also file necessary periodical returns, as required.

At least ten years in as Superintendent/In-charge of a reputed hospital.

Skills / Knowledge Required:

1. Excellent in interpersonal and motivation skills.

2. Exceptional problem solving skills.(staff issues / general management)

3. Ability to work under pressure and self motivated with out of box thinking.

4. Willing to travel to other cities as required.

5. Excellent in Computers (MS Word / Excel / PowerPoint)

6. Excellent communication skills in English.


MD / MS / Master in Public Health / Masters in Hospital Administration/Masters in Business Administration.

Compensation: Best in development sector.

Interested candidates may send their resume to