The Leprosy Mission Trust India’s (TLMTI) Vocational Training Centre, in Champa, Chhattisgarh, conducts short-term community-based vocational training (CBVT) courses for people affected by leprosy and people with disability. The goal of CBVT programme is to provide vocational training in typical community settings rather than in conventional school environment. One such programme is being ... Read More
Mela Bai (2) – Copy


                          Forty-year-old Mela Bai’s husband was affected by leprosy and had deformities due to leprosy. Begging was his only means of livelihood. They lived in Ashadeep leprosy colony, in Durg, Chhattisgarh. One day when he suddenly died, Mela Bai found herself staring at a bleak future. She has to take care ... Read More